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Kinetic Rock 'n Roll 2.0 Fluid Trainer

Take realism and your workout to a whole new level with the only trainer that delivers natural side-to-side motion. With this unique, lateral motion, core muscles are engaged to maintain balance. So now you can simultaneously workout both technique and power, especially during out-of-the-saddle hill climb intervals. Get on. Give your expectations a workout.

- The most realistic indoor ride available anywhere
- Forces core muscle use to maintain proper balance while riding
- Makes any rider a more powerful and faster cyclist
- Measurable and repeatable workloads
- Fits 22" to 29" Wheels (29" Wheels Require a Slick Tire)
- Small Wheel Adapter Required for wheels 16" to 21"
- Most stable frame in the industry
- Fits any Kinetic resistance unit fluid, mechanical or wind
- Clamp and Lock Quick Release with lever lock secures bike easily
- Removable legs for easy storage
- Custom-made PVC feet
- Includes QR skewer
- Unconditional lifetime warranty
- Lifetime crash replacement policy

Model Number: T-2300

Kinetic Rock 'n Roll 2.0 Fluid Trainer

Brand: Kinetic (Kurt Kinetic)

Sku: T-2300


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