Yeti Demo Day

Yeti Factory Demo presented by Pro Bike Supply

We will be out in Laguna Canyon this Sunday, November 11th from 9am to 3pm. This is your chance to ride every Yeti bike in every size and find out for yourself what makes Yeti’s Switch Infinity the industry’s leading suspension system. This is a free event that is open to everyone so bring your friends!

There will be over 35 bikes available to demo so no reservations are necessary. Bikes will be first come first serve with the biggest rush being first thing in the morning. The weather is expected to be in the low 70s and sunny which means you can still get in the perfect demo at any time of the day. Demos will be limited to one hour but if you come back and no one is waiting for the bike you’re on you, are welcome to go out again. 

Stick around until lunch time and there is a good chance we will get a shuttle going up to TOW.

List Demo Bikes

SB4.5 - S (1), M (2), L (2), XL (1)

SB5 - S (1), M (1), L (1), XL (1)

SB5 Lunch Ride - M (1), L (2)

SB5+ - M (2), L(2), XL (1)

SB5.5 - M (2), L (3), XL (1)

SB6 - S (1), M (3), L (2), XL (1)

SB5 Beti - XS (1), S (1)

Location Details:

We will be setup at 2495 Laguna Canyon Road which is a house conveniently located at the base of T and A  (aka Laguna Ridge Trail).  This has excellent trail access to Laguna Woods/El Moro as well as Aliso Woods regional parks.

There is no on-site parking so please park in the dirt lot at 2745 Laguna Canyon Rd or Big Bend Parking Lot both of which are a short 2 min walk to the demo event. 

What to bring:

  1. Helmet and riding gear (shoes, gloves, etc.)
  2. Pedals (if possible) we will have a range of demo pedals from Shimano, Crank Brothers and flat pedals
  3. Photo ID and Credit Card (we only hold your card, the demo is free)
  4. Water (also available at the event)
  5. Minors, please bring a parent or guardian to sign the release form

Recommended rides:

  1. Willow (moderate climb) to Lizard (fun, intermediate single track) and then back down Willow
  2. Willow, left across the ridge, down T and A, aka Laguna Ridge (technical single track descent, intermediate to advanced)
  3. Canyon Acres (very tough climb) to Telonics (technical single track descent, advanced riders only)

*There are plenty of other routes we can recommend, just ask one of the guys working the event

**Guided rides are available, just ask one of the guys and we will set something up

***This event is not recommended for beginners or first time riders.  Please contact the shop to setup a demo and we can arrange for an introductory skills clinic on a grass field and then recommend a more appropriate ride based on your technical ability. 


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