No Hassle Trade-Up Program

What is it?

Buying a new bike just got a lot easier. With our no hassle trade-up program, all you need to do is fill out a short form and provide us with your old bike. We’ll go through it to make sure it is ride-able and in good shape, charging you for any labor and/or parts necessary. Your bike will then be photographed before being posted for sale on various online platforms (at fair market value). It will also be available for customers in our shop to look at. Once it sells, we don’t take any commission. The full sale amount minus processing fees, shipping, parts, and labor will be rolled into your new bike purchase.

What if I want my new bike before my old bike sells?

We get it - you don’t want to be bikeless. In the event that your bike has not sold before your new bike is ready, we require payment in full. Once the bike sells, there is still no commission. We will write you a check for the full sale amount minus processing fees, shipping, parts, and labor.

Will you sell my bike if I don’t want to buy a new one?

Short answer - yes. However, not all bikes are eligible and unlike the trade-up program, a 15% commission will be charged on the final sale value.

Fill out the form below to find out if your bike qualifies or call us at 855-777-BIKE.

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