Choosing the best tires for your mountain bike

August 22, 2017

Traction is one of the most important things while mountain biking. A lack of traction can cause unexpected dirt naps halfway through corners when you least expect it. Too much traction and it can feel like you’ve put on 20 lbs. while you make your way up a grueling climb. Adding to this dilemma, changing seasons and varied terrain make the age old question of “what tires should I run” just a bit more difficult -but we are here to help! Here are some of our favorite tires to run, when to run them, and where they work best!

Maxxis Minion DHF: There is no way we could make a list of our favorite tires without including the Maxxis Minion. One of the best all-around tires, the Minion DHF excels as a front tire but also does really well in the rear, although its sibling tire, the Minion DHR gets that job done just a bit better. One of the many benefits of the Minion DHF is that it has a bit of a drift zone while cornering, which is awesome for riders who really like to throw their bikes into corners and get a little rowdy. As you approach a corner and really lean the bike in, traction breaks just a bit before hooking up again allowing you to approach corners a little faster. The minion also does really well on rock features which are ample in Laguna, mainly due to its awesome braking center profile. With plenty of sizes and compounds to choose from, as well as a wide rim specific profile option, you will be sure to find a Minion that meets your needs. Our personal favorite is the Minion DHF 2.5 WT 3C EXO TR for the front.


Schwalbe Magic Mary: Probably one of our personal favorite tires, the Magic Mary, is a tire that is sure to put a smile on your face every time you point the bike downhill. Featuring a little bit more of an aggressive profile than other tires in its category, the Magic Mary brings all of the cornering bite and braking traction needed for downhill in an enduro/trail bike friendly tire. Working well in a wide variety of terrain and conditions, the Magic Mary stays true to the Schwalbe name by coming in at a very respectable weight in comparison to its competition from other enduro tires. With plenty of compounds as well as reinforced sidewall options, there are plenty of Magic Mary’s to choose from to make sure your bike is dialed to your needs! Our personal favorite is the Magic Mary 2.35 Snakeskin Trailstar compound for the front.



Schwalbe Nobby Nic: Another personal favorite of ours, this time both front and rear, the Nobby Nic is an extremely predictable tire that gives you tons traction in a nice light weight package. Unlike the Magic Mary, which features a bit more of a square edge profile for a sharper bite, the Nobby Nic has a bit more of a consistent, rounder profile for a much more predictable feeling in and out of corners. For a rider who is very aggressive on the bike and wants to have ability to drift into corners, the Magic Mary or Minion DHF might be a bit better of an option. However, for the rider looking for ultimate predictability in corners, who wants a lot of traction and is counting the grams on their bikes, the Nobby Nic is an awesome, fast rolling choice! Coming in a ton of sizes, including 27.5 and 29 plus, you are sure to find the right Nobby Nic for your needs!



Maxxis Ardent: For those looking for a fast rolling tire with just the right amount of traction, the Ardent is a great option! Working extremely well as a rear tire or a front for a more XC/Trail style bike, the Ardent has just enough traction to keep everything in control, but keeps your bike moving fast. Also unlike most other tires in its XC/ Trail style category, the Ardent is definitely a little more on the durable side, so if you find yourself tearing tires or getting a ton of flats, you'll definitely appreciate it! The Ardent comes in a standard, more traction friendly tread pattern as well as a faster rolling set up (the Ardent Race). With plenty of different sizes, compounds, and sidewall options, the Ardent is sure to speed up your bike but help you stay in control!




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