2017 Holiday Gift Guide

December 07, 2017 5 Comments

The holidays are just around the corner and you have a special cyclist in your life that you want to make smile! However, with so many different bike parts and accessories, making decision can be overwhelming!  Do not fear though, Pro Bike Supply has you covered with our Holiday Gift Guide that will be sure to have something for that special cyclist in your life!

 TLD A2 Helmet $135.20

What better way to show someone you truly care about them than to give them the gift of safety! Troy Lee Designs has been leading the way in keeping mountain bikers safe and fashionable while on the trails! The A2 is one of our favorite trail helmets and gives the ultimate combo of ultimate protection and amazing ventilation (25% larger than the original A1 helmet); all while coming in some killer designs to make sure you look good while staying protected! All helmets feature MIPS technology as well, so you can rest easy knowing your special cyclist is safe on the trails! MSRP is $160.

 Five Ten Freeriders $79.92

Nothing says happy holidays better than the gift of traction? Okay, maybe we are a little biased but we also love these shoes by Five Ten! The Freeriders are a classic flat pedal shoe that feature their legendary stealth S1 rubber sole to keep feet stuck to the pedals, even under the roughest of trails. With a ton of color options and a simple design, the Freeriders have been our go to shoe both on and off the bike (yes, we do wear these to dinner sometimes too)! MSRP is $100

 Wolf tooth ReMote Lever $56.95

Want to help make one of the most important bike parts even better for a mountain biker? The Wolf tooth ReMote lever is sure to be an upgrade to any stock dropper post lever! Featuring an amazing low profile lever that feels awesome under actuation, and simplified cable installation features that take any headache out of install, the Wolf tooth ReMote lever is a no brainer! MSRP is $59

 Garmin Fenix 5 from $499.99

What do you get a cyclist that loves technology and gadgets? A Garmin Fenix 5 watch of course! Giving a cyclist all of the data they could ask for such as heart rate, GPS, ride tracking, and more the Fenix 5 is the perfect watch for that rider that loves to nerd out over data after a ride but wants to keep things in a simple package! The cool thing with the Fenix 5 is that it also links up with a smartphone, allowing you to access texts, email, and phone alerts from your watch! Now there is no excuse for that special cyclist to not respond to your text while they are out riding! MSRP is $599

 Light and Motion Urban 900 $99.99

The days have gotten shorter and the nights have gotten longer! There is a very good chance that the cyclist you’re looking to get a gift for has a little less time to ride nowadays, so what better way to show you care than by giving them the gift of sight! The Light and Motion Urban 900 is a perfect combo of amazing brightness and long run time, all in a nice lightweight package! Easily used as either a handlebar or helmet light, the Urban 900 has multiple brightness settings as well giving the rider a ton of options! MSRP is $100

 ODI Elite Pro Lock-On Grips $28.95

 Grips are one of the least appreciated components on a bike. Oftentimes they are neglected and go way past the point of needing to be replaced, but when they are the bike feels like new! The ODI Elite Pro grips have been one of our favorite grips and provide ultimate traction and amazing comfort to the hands! With an extremely reliable single clamp design, less time is spent installing the grip and more time is spent enjoying the comfort of the amazing ergonomic design! The Elite Pro is has plenty of padding to help with vibration damping as well, so rough trails are not a problem anymore and hand cramps become a thing of the past! MSRP is $28.95 and they are available in a wide variety of colors as well!

 All Mountain Style Frame Guard $26.99

We all know how special bikes are to their owners! We even know a few people who bring their bikes into their bedroom to sleep next to at night (we’re not giving names here)! What better gift to give to a lover of bicycles than the ability to keep that bike free of scratches? The AMS frame guard helps keep scratches, nicks, and cable rub away from the most damage prone sections of a bike! Very easy to install and in a wide variety of colors and camo options, the AMS frame guard is sure to blend into your bikes frame while not giving you a headache on install! MSRP is $27 and XL options are available.

 Ibis Pork Chop Bag $49.99

No one likes to be caught on the trails empty handed without a tube, pump, or tool when a mechanical happens! Does the special rider in your life ride an Ibis bike? The Ibis Pork Chop bag is an amazing carrying pouch that fits right into an Ibis Ripley or Mojo HD3/4 without any straps and has ample room for a tube, pump, multi tool, and snacks! The Pork Chop bag does require knowing the exact size of the frame it will be used on so make sure to grab that before placing your order. MSRP is $49.99 but the cost of saving a ride by being prepared is priceless!

 Oakley Jawbreakers Prizm Trail $213

Eyes are very sensitive and protecting them is crucial especially when on the trails with plenty of branches and loose rocks. What better way to show someone some holiday love than by giving them the gift of eye protection! The Oakley Jawbreakers Prizm Trails have been one of our favorite go to riding glasses. Featuring an amazing vent system and as well as a very easy lens swap system to make swapping lenses as easy as can be, the Jawbreakers are sure to be a successful gift! The Prizm trail lens is our favorite mountain trail lens for emphasizing trail features so you know exactly what is coming up and where each rut as well as line is! MSRP is $213


Pro Bike Supply Bike Demo $65

 What better gift than a top of the line mountain bike for 24 hours? Here at Pro Bike Supply, we pride ourselves on our demo fleet of bikes for people to try out! With plenty of amazing bikes kitted with awesome dream builds, give someone the opportunity to try one out for a day! MSRP is $65 for 24 hours!


Still not sure of what to get? How about a Pro Bike Supply gift card! Whatever you decide to do, rest assured knowing that Pro Bike Supply is here for all your holiday needs!

Happy Holidays!

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